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Looking for great deals on the widest selection of tank water heaters in Tucson? Give the plumbers at Advantage Air Mechanical a call! Our team has been installing tank models in local Tucson homes for over 30 years. Not only are we the most trusted installer in town, we also have the best parts and labor warranties available, and our installation estimates are always free!


How much does a water heater installation cost in Tucson?

  • Low $1,297
  • Our Average $1,800
  • High $2,750

What factors affect your water heater installation price?

Many factors influence the cost of water heater replacements, including:

  • Tank or tankless: Tank water heaters are the steady and reliable workhorses of the water heater world. They tend to cost less than the newer tankless models. Tankless water heaters on the other hand provide on-demand hot water and lower energy bills. Don't worry: if you're undecided, we can help!
  • System size: With tank water heaters, the size of the tank itself will determine how much hot water can be running at once. Bigger families always appreciate those larger tanks! Tankless models also rely on size to maintain hot water across multiple plumbing fixtures. Regardless, one of our plumbers can help you find the perfect size model for your home.
  • Energy factor rating: Tank and tankless water heaters have energy ratings which measure efficiency. Higher rated units are great at saving homeowners money on their energy bills, but cost more up front. The good news is there's an efficient system for every budget, so we'll help you find the perfect one for your home.

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Your water heater install works like this:

  • We schedule out your free consultation

    Scheduling a free consultation with Advantage Air Mechanical is easy. Just call (520) 792-9400 or schedule an appointment online. The first available plumber will be assigned to your project and share a wide selection of tank and tankless water heaters from the best brands.

  • We send expert installers to your home

    Congratulations on choosing a water heater! From here, your plumber can help you set up a great financing plan. We can also schedule out a day to complete the install. Many times, we can install a water heater on the same day as your free estimate. We'll do everything we can to make that happen.

  • We install the new water heater and tidy up

    Your plumber will arrive right on schedule with your brand new tank or tankless water heater safely in tow. We'll remove your old water heater, install the new one and tidy everything up before we leave. We promise the area around your new water heater will be cleaner than how we found it.

  • We invite you to share your experience

    After your water heater is installed successfully, your plumber will make sure you're 100% satisfied with the experience. Even 99% satisfied isn't good enough for us, so don't hesitate to let us know! We'll also send you a brief survey and a free gift card for filling it out.

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Advantage Air Mechanical is a great business. They serviced our residence today and the technician, Darryl is one I always enjoy having come into my home. He is so pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. Always asks if any concerns and is very informative about giving tips on ways to help keep home energy efficient. You will not be disappointed with the service you receive from Advantage Air Mechanical.

—Teri B. | Tucson homeowner

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