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An old or damaged sewer line can lead to water damage, backed-up toilets, and unpleasant odors throughout the home. When time is of the essence, give Advantage Air Mechanical a call and we'll flush your worries down the drain. Our plumbers have been Tucson's most trusted replacement specialists for over 30 years. Not only do Tucson homeowners trust us for our transparent pricing, but they also trust our warranties and guarantees, which are the best our city has to offer.


How Much Does a Sewer Line Replacement Cost in Tucson?

  • Low $2,200
  • Our Average $3,400
  • High $5,800

What factors affect the cost of your sewer line replacement?

Many factors influence the cost of sewer line replacements. Here are a few of the most important:

  • The length of the sewer pipe: The length of your sewer line running from your home to the city's connecting line plays the most significant impact on the cost of replacement. Homes farther away from the connecting line will require more material, increasing the cost of the installation. Or, if you have a damaged pipe, your overall project cost will increase based on how much of the pipe needs replacement.
  • The material of the replacement pipe: Advantage Air Mechanical uses our 30+ years of experience in the industry and Tucson's city guidelines to determine the best type of piping material to use to replace your sewer line. The most affordable materials include PVC or ABS. More expensive piping materials include copper, concrete, steel, and/or iron.
  • The accessibility of the pipe: Depending on the pipe's location, landscaping, and concrete walkways, your labor costs for the replacement could go up. For example, if trees surround the pipe or the pipe is under the driveway, it will be harder to reach and need more labor time to repair/replace.
  • The method of replacement: The usual method for sewer line replacement requires excavation and digging. To avoid having your yard dug up and paying for a yard restoration, you could opt for trenchless digging, which can protect your home's landscaping and keep costs down. Trenchless replacement drags a new pipe through an old one instead of having to excavate fully. When you hire us, you can choose from either traditional or trenchless digging methods.

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Sewer Line in Tucson?

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    When you're ready to schedule a sewer line replacement, you can use our easy online scheduler or call us at (520) 792-9400. After letting us know what times and days you're available, we'll schedule an appointment for you with one of our licensed plumbers.

  • Meet your expert plumber

    Your plumber will call you 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to let you know that they're on the way. Before entering your home, they will greet you at your door and get to work inspecting your plumbing system. If a replacement is the best option, your plumber will discuss pricing and financing options with you. Our plumbers don't get paid commission, so you can trust that we won't try to upsell you on anything unneeded.

  • Relax while we get to work

    Once you sign off on the quote, your plumber will get right to work replacing your sewer line. The replacement takes approximately 1-2 days, depending on the length of your pipe and the replacement method. They'll test your new sewer line and then clean up after themselves, as well as answer any of your questions.

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    Following your completed tune-up, we’ll send you a survey for feedback, or you can leave us a review. Our goal is to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with our service and learn about any areas we could improve upon.

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