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Did you know that your indoor air can be 2-5x dirtier than the outdoor air? Rid your air of allergens, pollutants, bacteria, and mold with the latest UV light and air purifier models installed by Advantage Air Mechanical. We've been installing UV lights and air purification systems since we opened our doors in 1988. Not only do we have affordable UV lights and air purifiers for every Arizonan's budget, but we also offer same-day installations that take 2 hours on average. Call us today to breathe easier!


Cost to install an air purification system or UV light in Tucson

  • Low $749
  • Our Average $986
  • High $1649+

What factors affect your UV light or air purifier installation cost?

Many factors influence the cost of an air purifier or UV light installation. The main pricing factors in Tucson include:

  • The type of air purifier: Whether an air purifier can purify microbes, ozone, airborne pollutants, or odors from your air depends on its type. Some are equipped to handle all of the above or a specific subset. Air purifiers that can do more will cost more to install. For example, UV light air purifiers can remove allergens, mold, and smoke, and they're considered to be in the average-cost range. The three other common air purifier types are activated carbon filters, HEPA filters, and ionic. Learn more in "What is an Air Purifier?" Advantage Air Mechanical has great air purifier options for every budget and air quality need.
  • Modifications to home: Depending on if your home needs HVAC, ductwork, or electrical modifications to accommodate your new air purifier, your installation costs can increase. Sometimes you'll need to install a new electrical outlet, upgrade the electrical panel, or replace your air ducts to get the most out of a UV light or air purifier. When you hire Advantage Air Mechanical, you can also easily upgrade your ductwork with our premier in-house metal fabrication.
  • Deals and specials: You'll see contractors offering seasonal deals on air quality systems from time to time. Meanwhile, we have excellent air purifier deals year-round so that you and your household don't have to wait until those end-of-year sales to get cleaner air, especially in the midst of allergy season.

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Product Highlight

For the Healthiest Indoor Air, Choose APCO‑X

At Advantage Air, we take pride in offering the very best air purification products to our customers, so we offer APCO-X. It is an advanced whole-home air purification system that uses UV-C light and EverCarbon™ cells to:

  • Capture and neutralize odor-causing volatile organic compounds
  • Render mold, bacteria, and viruses harmless
  • Clean itself, making it low maintenance
  • Keep your HVAC system healthy by disinfecting the AC coil and drain pan

Learn more about APCO-X and the benefits it offers here.

Ready to install APCO‑X in your home?


Our Smooth Air Purifier Installations Look Like This:

  • Schedule a convenient appointment

    Give our family-owned and locally-operated team a call at (520) 792-9400 or schedule an appointment online. Our friendly customer support team will assign an air quality technician to your home to go over cutting-edge indoor air quality systems.

  • Discuss air purifier options with your tech

    Some of Tucson's most knowledgeable air quality techs work at Advantage Air Mechanical. Your tech will take the time to go over all the great air quality systems we install in residential homes and answer any of your questions. Once we've helped you find the perfect fit for your needs, home, and budget, we'll get right to work on the installation. We always provide upfront pricing, and our technicians are not paid on commission, so you know that our recommendations are professional and reliable.

  • Enjoy a no-hassle UV light or air purifier installation

    We'll work efficiently and quietly to outfit your HVAC system with a brand new whole-house air purifier, UV light, or combination system. Within 1-2 hours, we'll finish your air purifier installation. Before we leave, we'll test it to ensure it's working properly and discuss how to use it with you.

  • Give us feedback

    Once your air purifier or UV light is installed and ready to go, the next step is to get your opinion on how we did. To finish up the job, we'll send out a brief survey to make sure your experience with Advantage Air Mechanical was excellent from start to finish. You can also leave us a Google Review. Enjoy your Tucson home that is now free of mold and allergens!

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Techs were awesome! Friendly and professional. They went the extra step to make everything more efficient. I will refer them to everyone.

—Millie M. | Tucson homeowner

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