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When to Call

When to schedule a dryer vent cleaning:

A common cause of dryer fires is lint accumulation in dryer vents. To prevent a dryer fire, experts recommend an annual dryer vent cleaning. And if you see any of the following, you should schedule out a dryer vent cleaning with Advantage Air Mechanical right away:

  • The register connected to your dryer vent is packed with lint.
  • You notice signs of animals nesting within the vents, increasing the likelihood of a clog.
  • Your energy bills are much higher than they were the year before.


How much does dryer vent cleaning cost in Tucson, AZ?

  • Low $125
  • Our Average $168
  • High $210

What will affect the cost of my dryer vent cleaning?

The cost of dryer vent cleaning will vary in price depending on the following:

  • Volume discount: We provide discounts for multiple dryer vent cleanings in apartments, condo buildings, dorms, or for several locations booked at the same time.
  • Location of the dryer vents: The location of dryer vents can vary according to how home builders designed the house. Some dryer vents are located on the roof and others on the side of the home. Advantage Air Mechanical charges $210 only for 2-story or higher buildings.
  • Equipment and training: An experienced technician with the right tools will do a faster and more thorough job than an inexperienced contractor with a more limited toolset. The licensed pros at Advantage Air Mechanical always arrive with the highest-quality equipment and are trained to clean out even the toughest dryer vent clogs.

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Why Choose Us

Earning Tucson's trust since 1988

HVAC companies come and go. But for Advantage Air Mechanical, Tucson will always be our home. Over 30 years have passed since we took our first customer. And our priorities are the same now as they were back then: do right by the customer, always. And never stop working to earn their trust.

Today, Advantage Air Mechanical takes over 100,000 repair calls every year and countless thousands of new installations. That didn't happen overnight. It took diligence, honesty, transparency, and above all, trust.

We hope you'll give us the opportunity to earn your trust during your next service call.


Your dryer vent cleaning in 4 easy steps

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    Schedule an appointment online or by phone at (520) 792-9400. Either option will put you in touch with one of our friendly operators, who will help find a time and date for your appointment that works best for you.

  • Keep an eye out for your expert to arrive

    One of our highest priorities is to limit how much of an impact your service will have on your day. So we provide 2-hour schedule windows and courtesy reminder calls for every dryer vent service. You'll know exactly when your pro is on their way. Once there, they'll get right to work on a brief diagnostic and assessment of your dryer vents.

  • Relax while we clean out your dryer vent

    Cleaning out most dryer vents is a straightforward and simple process, especially if your technician has the right skillset and equipment. We'll have the job done faster than most, saving you both time and money in the process.

  • Let us know how we did

    Once your cleaning is complete, we'll send you a survey via email, ensuring you are happy with the service you received. If you take the time to fill out a survey, we'll send you a gift, regardless of your feedback!

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Customer Testimonial

Absolutely RECOMMEND this company...

“Needed a cleaning and some custom work done on a dryer vent duct. Nick M. recommended several options: build from scratch or bring the existing duct in and cut it accordingly, which he offered to do for free. I dropped off the duct and Nick had it done ASAP. Great work and I can't thank him enough for the help. Absolutely RECOMMEND this company and will definitely be using them in the future. Thanks!”

—Keith K. | Tucson homeowner

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