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Sewer line problems can completely derail your family's routine. Finding a solution fast is always a top priority. When time is of the essence, give Advantage Air Mechanical a call. We've been one of Tucson's most trusted HVAC & plumbing companies for over 30 years. Not only will we get the job done on time and on budget, we'll also guarantee our work 100%, and protect your investment with some of the best plumbing repair and install warranties in the business.


How much does it cost for a sewer line repair in Tucson?

  • Low $159
  • Our Average $260
  • High $780+

What factors affect the cost of your sewer line repair?

Many factors influence the cost of sewer line repairs, including:

  • The repair method: Traditional trench digging methods and trenchless methods are available when you choose Advantage Air Mechanical. Trenchless methods cost a bit more, but they don't require your plumber to dig a giant hole on your property. Both options get the job done. If you need help deciding, we're happy to give you our professional opinion.
  • The need to replace the sewer line: Most sewer line issues can be handled without having to replace the entire pipeline. But when a repair simply won't cut it, we'll share our findings with you and let you decide how to proceed. Replacements do cost more, but can also increase your home's value and eliminate ongoing plumbing issues completely.

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Repair or Replace?

Need your sewer line replaced?

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Sometimes a sewer line is in no shape to be repaired. When that happens, a full replacement delivers the better value. Not only will most plumbing issues disappear with a full replace, but it'll increase the value of your home to boot.

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Compare repair vs. replace pricing

Repair:$159 to $780+
Replace:Around $5,000 on average
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Your sewer line repair works like this:

  • Schedule an appointment

    If you're experiencing sewer issues and suspect you need a sewer line repair, let us know and we'll schedule a visit with one of our expert plumbers. To set up an appointment, give us a call at (520) 792-9400 or schedule online.

  • Meet your expert plumber

    You'll receive a courtesy call from your plumber at least 15 minutes before they arrive. Once there, your plumber will identify the exact location of the damage in the line. If a full replacement is the best option, your plumber will discuss pricing and financing options with you. For a simple repair, we can handle it that same day.

  • Relax while we get to work

    Once we're on the same page, your plumber will get right to work making the necessary repairs. This might require some digging to reach the line, or we could settle the issue using a trenchless repair method.

  • Let us know how we did

    Once your sewer line has been repaired and is working perfectly, the next step is to get your thoughts on how we did. To finish up the job, we'll send out a brief survey to make sure you're 100% satisfied with the work.

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Came out quickly and got the job done in a jiff...

Darrell and Zac were awesome. Came out quickly and got the job done in a jiff. Professional, courteous, and great guys. Thanks you!

—Tony L. | Tucson homeowner

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