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In need of professional drain cleaning? Turn to the skilled plumbers at Advantage Air Mechanical. Our experts are well-equipped to handle a range of tasks, tackling anything from stubborn kitchen sink clogs to clearing out your sewer line.

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Earning Tucson's Trust with Every Drain Cleaning

Is your home or business seeing backed-up drains, or are you struggling to break up a faucet or toilet clog? If so, the plumbers at Advantage Air Mechanical can get the plumbing on your property flowing in no time. Our plumbers can tackle any drain clog, on any property—from shower and faucet drains to sewer lines. Plus, we have the equipment on hand to complete the job fast.


How much does it cost to clean a drain in Tucson?

We clean most drains for just $130

What factors affect your drain/sewer clearing price?

Standard drain clogs are always $130 at Advantage Air Mechanical. But sewer lines clogs can be tougher and require additional equipment. Some other factors related to price include:

  • The location of the clog: If just one drain is backing up in your home, there's a good chance we can unclog it easily and save you some money. If multiple drains are backing up, it may be a sewer line clog, which requires a bit more effort to reach and break down.
  • The difficulty of the clog: A standard drain snake can handle most drain clogs easily. But that won't be the case for grease buildup in your sewer line. Don't worry, we've got tools to fix that too! And we'll always give you a fixed-price quote for the job before we start.
  • The presence of a warranty: If Advantage Air Mechanical came to your home cleared a drain or sewer, and you still have problems with it up to 60 days later, we'll come back and unclear it again for free.

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Your drain cleaning works like this:

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    Call (520) 792-9400 or schedule online to reserve an appointment date and service window. Our friendly customer support team will schedule out a plumber at your earliest convenience.

  • Meet your expert plumber

    On the day of your scheduled visit, your plumber will give you a courtesy call letting you know they're on their way. Once they arrive, they'll greet you and get right to work identifying the location of the clog.

  • Relax while we clear your drain

    If the drain isn't too far down, we'll break it up with a drain snake and have you ready to go in under an hour. More extensive issues with sewer lines will take a bit more time but can still be completed in a single service visit.

  • Fill out our follow-up survey

    Once your drain or sewer is flowing like new, the next step is to get your thoughts on how we did. To finish up the job, we'll send out a brief survey to make sure you're 100% satisfied with the work.

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I would highly recommend Advantage Air Mechanical...

Very happy. It was a pleasure dealing with Chris, the plumber. He was timely, knowledgeable and gave a fair price. I would highly recommend Advantage Air Mechanical.

—Rebeka K. | Tucson homeowner

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