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Families have different ideal comfort levels when it comes to managing humid and dry air in their homes. Balance is different for everyone, and the time of year can shift that balance significantly. The good news is Advantage Air Mechanical has the perfect system for your home, humidifier, dehumidifier or both! You'll also always get honest advice and no sales pitches from our techs because we do not pay them on commission.


How much does it cost to install a humidifier or dehumidifier in Tucson?

  • Low $690
  • Our Average $690
  • High $980

What factors affect your installation quote?

Many factors influence the cost of a humidifier or dehumidifier installation, including:

  1. The system you purchase: Some systems are better at saving on energy costs (i.e., they're self-regulating). Others add benefits such as an automatic humidistat function to regulate humidity in the home, and others even come with an internal air purification system. Regardless of features, we can find an excellent system for your home and budget.
  2. Electrical or plumbing modifications: Sometimes electrical work is necessary to install a new humidifier or dehumidifier. Plumbing hook-ups are also required for dehumidifiers. Don't worry: we'll let you know exactly how much this will cost beforehand, and our prices are always fixed before we start work.

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Our Process

Your humidifier or dehumidifier installation looks like this:

  • Schedule an appointment

    Give our team a call at (520) 792-9400 or schedule an appointment online. A friendly customer service rep will confirm your appointment time and assign a technician to discuss which humidifier or dehumidifier is right for your home.

  • Discuss options with your tech

    The exciting part! We'll share a great selection of humidifiers and dehumidifers with you, while also keeping in mind your personal needs and budget requirements. Don't worry, we'll find a system that checks off every box.

  • Enjoy a no-hassles installation

    We'll work quickly and as quietly as possible to install your humidifier or dehumidifier. We'll also test the system before we leave and share important information on how it works.

  • Fill out our follow-up survey

    Once your whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier is installed and ready to go, the next step is to get your opinion on how we did. To finish up the job, we'll send out a brief survey to make sure your experience with Advantage Air Mechanical was great from start to finish.

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Customer Testimonial

You will not be disappointed with the service...

Advantage Air Mechanical is a great business. They serviced our residence today and the technician, Darryl is one I always enjoy having come into my home. He is so pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. Always asks if any concerns and is very informative about giving tips on ways to help keep home energy efficient. You will not be disappointed with the service you receive from Advantage Air Mechanical.

—Teri B. | Tucson homeowner

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