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We offer design, fabrication and installation of custom architectural sheet metal for residential and commercial buildings. With a full in-house metal shop, we specialize in custom ductwork design, no matter how complex the project. In fact, we're the company other HVAC contractors turn to for their ductwork needs.


How much does it cost to design & install custom sheet metal ductwork?

  • Low $10 per foot
  • Our Average $25 per foot
  • High $60+ per foot

What affects the cost of ductwork fabrication & installation?

Many factors influence the cost of ductwork fabrication and installation, including:

  • Material: Different ductwork materials come with different pricing. For example, flex ductwork often costs less than rigid ductwork. However, depending on the unique specifications of your ductwork project, you won't always have a choice on the material used.
  • Access: If you need to install ductwork in hard-to-reach areas, such as a crawlspace or attic, this will increase labor and/or materials needed for the project, which will increase the overall price.
  • Length of runs: The price you pay for ductwork largely depends on the amount of material you need (measured in linear feet). The longer the runs, the more linear feet of material needed and the more you'll pay.

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Other Sheet Metal Projects

Have other sheet metal needs?

Just give us a call, we can do it all.

We specialize in all architectural metals. Need copper gutters? A copper or rust-look garage door or roof? What about a custom-built planter?

If you need it, we can build it.


Your ductwork project will look like this:

  • You schedule a free estimate

    You can schedule an appointment with us by calling (520) 792-9400 or scheduling online. One of our experienced ductwork experts will come to your home or business and perform crucial on-site duct sizing calculations. Afterwards, we’ll send you an estimate for your custom ductwork needs.

  • We design & fabricate the ductwork

    Once you choose us, we’ll start on the design and fabrication of your ductwork, keeping in mind the HVAC system requirements and unique design specifications of the space. Want to keep an eye on the project? No problem, stop by and visit our shop to watch the fabrication yourself!

  • We install your ductwork

    On the scheduled day, our team will show up on site to install your brand new ductwork. We'll place drop cloths and wear shoe covers the entire time to keep the space clean and damage-free. Installations typically take 1-2 days. Afterwards, we'll test (and re-test) the integrity of the installation joist by joist to ensure a job well done, the first time around.

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...thorough, courteous, efficient and knowledgeable.

Advantage Air has been a great company to work with over the past 3 years. They are very thorough, courteous, efficient and knowledgeable.

—Alex S. | Tucson homeowner

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