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What's the cost to repair a heat pump in Tucson, AZ

  • Low: $150
  • Average: $1,575
  • High: $3,000+
heat pump repair tucson
Why do some heat pump repairs cost more than others?
There are a variety of factors that will determine how much your heat pump repair will cost, but a few of the most common include:
  • The repair needed
    There are two factors that will increase the cost of your repair: the cost of the part that needs to be repaired and the length of time it will take to repair it. For example, if you need a simple repair like fixing the thermostat, it will probably be a fairly inexpensive job. However, if you need to repair a refrigerant line and recharge your refrigerant, it will likely take longer and the parts are more expensive, so the job as a whole will increase in cost.
  • Whether or not your warranties are valid
    If you have either a valid parts or labor warranty, the cost of your repair will be less expensive. If not, you'll end up paying the full price for the part and/or labor of your heat pump repair.
  • Whether or not your warranties are valid
    Obviously, the cost of your repair will increase if a technician determines that you need to replace your system rather than repair it. However, sometimes replacing your system is the more cost-effective option in the long run...you don't want to pay $3,000 for a heat pump repair when you can replace the system completely for only a few thousand more.

When to Call

When to call for a heat pump repair

If you notice any of the following, your heat pump may need to be repaired:

  • Your heat pump is blowing cool air in the winter or hot air in the summer
  • Your heat pump is running constantly
  • Your heat pump won’t turn on
  • It’s been over a year since your last maintenance visit
When to consider replacing your system (vs. repairing it)

You should consider replacing your heat pump if:

  • It’s 10+ years old
  • Needs frequent repairs
  • You’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills
  • There are hot and cold spots around your home
  • There’s extensive dust around your home
  • Your system is making loud noises

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Your heat pump repair in 4 easy steps

Schedule an appointment

You can schedule an appointment with us online or by calling (520) 792-9400. Our team will match you with a certified technician on a date and time that works for you.

Meet your repair tech

When your technician is on their way, they will give you a call (about 10 minutes before they arrive). Once there, your tech will greet you, introduce himself and step into your home with booties on so that he doesn’t cause damage to your floor.

Relax while we get to work

Your technician will speak with you about the heat pump issues you’re having as well as perform an assessment on your system. Our techs will always take the time to explain what the issue is before making any repairs. And don’t worry, our technicians aren’t paid by commission, so we will never try to up-sell you on a repair or replacement that you don’t need.

Fill out our follow-up survey

Once your repair has been completed, we’ll send you a survey and ask that you provide feedback about your experience. We want to ensure that you were happy with the service we provided (and know how we can improve in the future). If you take the time to fill out a survey, we’ll send you a gift, regardless of your feedback!


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“First time customer of Advantage Air Mechanical. My AC decided to stop working properly and they had a Technician come out the same day, within a few hours of calling. Darryl was very knowledgeable and knew what the problem was immediately! He explained what he was doing and how everything worked. He fixed it quickly and made sure everything was working properly and cleaned up before he left. He was very kind and nice to talk with while he worked. Definitely recommend this company!”

-Courtney Z | Tucson

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Today, Advantage Air Mechanical takes over 100,000 repair calls every year, and countless thousands of new installations. That didn’t happen overnight. It took diligence, honesty, transparency and above all, trust.

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