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If you need a new heat pump, you want assurance that it’s being installed by a company that you can trust. For the last 30 years, we’ve been earning the trust of Tucson customers with…

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  • Up to 10-year labor warranty


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What's the cost to install a heat pump in Tucson, AZ

  • Low: $6,300
  • Average: $8,900
  • High: $11,500+
Heat pump installation Tucson
What will affect the cost of my heat pump installation?
Your heat pump installation will vary in price depending on the:
  • Size of the unit
    The larger the heat pump, the more expensive it will be. Heat pumps are sized by the amount of heat they can produce, measured in tons. Typically, residential heat pumps range from 1-5 tons.
  • Energy Efficiency
    The more energy-efficient your new unit is, the more it will cost upfront. However, the more efficient it is, the more long-term savings you'll see. Heat pump efficiency is measured by the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and the HSPF rating (Heating Season Performance Factor). SEER measures cooling efficiency, while HSPF measures heating efficiency. The higher the SEER and HSPF ratings, the more efficient the system.
  • Warranties
    The type and length of warranties you buy with your heat pump will affect the cost of installation. Most manufacturers will provide a limited parts warranty and most contractors will offer a limited labor warranty. However, if you want an extended warranty of any kind, it will increase the total cost of your installation.

When to Call

When to call for a heat pump replacement:

You may need to replace your heat pump if…

  • It’s 10+ years old
  • It’s not turning on
  • It’s blowing cold air in the winter or hot air in the summer
  • There are strange noises coming from the outdoor unit
  • You’re dealing with frequent and expensive repairs
  • You’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills
If you're unsure about installing a heat pump...

..Reach out to our team of pros!

Before we install a new unit, we always take the time to give you an upfront estimate on the cost to install your heat pump. This way, you can move into the installation process with confidence —and without surprise fees or uncertainty about the system you’re investing in.

Get straight talk on your next heat pump installation. Call Advantage Air Mechanical today.


Your heat pump installation in 4 easy steps

Schedule an estimate

You can schedule an appointment with us by calling (520) 792-9400 or scheduling online. One of our experienced customer support members will find a time for a comfort advisor to come to your home and perform a load calculation. Afterwards, we’ll send you an estimate for your heat pump installation. If you decide to hire us, we’ll work with you to schedule a date for your heat pump installation in the near future.

Meet your install team

Before arriving, we’ll call to let you know that we’re on our way. Your comfort advisor will arrive with your installation team to make introductions and walk you through the installation process.

Relax while we get to work

Once your comfort advisor leaves, your team will get to work installing your new heat pump. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. Our pros are happy to help.

Check our your new system and fill out our follow-up survey

Once your heat pump has been installed, your comfort advisor will ensure that your heat pump was installed properly. They will also make sure you understand how your new system works. After your heat pump is installed, we’ll send you a follow-up survey. We want your honest opinion, so we’ll send you a gift just for completing the survey.


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“Advantage Air Mechanical is a great business. They service our residence bi-annually and we are always pleased. The technician, Darryl, is superb! He always asks if there are any concerns about our heating & cooling, or about the service Advantage Air Mechanical has provided. He never fails to ask if there is something else they can offer to improve service. Darryl is always courteous, he is knowledgeable about old & new equipment, tidy and efficient in his work. Not once has he nor any of the other technicians been late to our home. Betty at the office is also very kind & understanding pertaining to any question you may have. You will not be disappointed with the service you receive from Advantage Air Mechanical.”

-Therese R | Tucson

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Today, Advantage Air Mechanical takes over 100,000 repair calls every year, and countless thousands of new installations. That didn’t happen overnight. It took diligence, honesty, transparency and above all, trust.

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