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Cost To Install a Water Heater in Tucson

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Ready to install a new water heater in Tucson and wondering about the cost? On average, water heater installations cost around $1,800+. Many factors can affect water heater installation costs.

So, how much does it cost to install a water heater? This guide gives you information on the:

Let's take a deep dive into each factor that can affect your total price when it's time to upgrade your water heater.

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Cost to Install a Tank Water Heater

The most important factor when determining the cost of a water heater installation is the type of heater you choose. A tank water heater is often less expensive than tankless or hybrid systems, but prices can go up depending on the unit's size, fuel, and energy efficiency rating.


A larger tank means more hot water on demand. If you regularly run out of hot water, switch to a larger tank when it comes time to replace your older model. However, larger tanks take up more space and cost more to run and install. The average water heater size for residential homes is between 50 and 80 gallons. For example, an 80-gallon water heater can produce about 27 minutes of continuous shower time before needing a refill. According to the Department of Energy, an 80-gallon tank is usually sufficient for a family of up to 4 people. If your family spends longer than that in the bathroom each morning, consider other options or a larger tank.

Gas vs. Electric Fuel

Tank water heaters come in both electric and gas-powered options. While electric water heaters are typically cheaper to purchase, they tend to cost more to run and may not last as long. Gas-powered water heaters come with a higher initial price tag but tend to be more energy efficient and cost less per gallon of heated water. They also reheat water faster than most electric units, which is a big win if you have a larger family.

Energy-Efficiency Rating

The more energy efficient the unit, the more you can expect to pay for installation, but the more you'll save over years of use. Energy-efficiency ratings are a good way to determine the monthly cost of ownership for your new water heater, but if you aren't sure about the right size for your home, don't worry! The experts at Advantage Air Mechanical can help you find the right unit for your home.

Cost to Install a Tankless Water Heater

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Tankless water heaters generally cost more than traditional tank alternatives. Four factors that directly impact the cost of a tankless water heater are similar to those for a tank water heater, such as size, point-of-use units, fuel type, and energy-efficiency ratings.


For tankless water heaters, size is measured by flow rate or the amount of hot water the unit can produce per minute. If you have multiple bathrooms and want to be able to take simultaneous showers and run the dishwasher at the same time, you'll need a unit with a significantly higher flow rate than if you have a single bathroom and no dishwasher. For help calculating the ideal flow rate for your home and water needs, check with a professional plumber to determine the size you might need.

Additional Point-of-Use Units

If you have a larger home with a big footprint, you may need to add point-of-use units to extend your hot water to every fixture. Every point-of-use unit adds to the installation cost of a tankless water heater.

Gas vs. Electric Fuel

Fuel source impacts tankless water heaters in the same way that it affects tank systems. Natural gas is more expensive to install but often cheaper to operate. To determine the total potential costs compared to savings, consult an Advantage Air Mechanical plumber to see the calculations.

Energy-Efficiency Rating

Tankless water heaters are almost always more energy efficient than their tank counterparts. Since tankless systems don't store hot water, there's no constant energy used to maintain the temperature. These systems come in a range of energy-efficiency options. The more energy efficient a unit, the higher the initial installation cost.

Installation Considerations

An opened electrical panel showing exposed wiring and installed in an unfinished drywalled wall.

While the type of water heater you choose often has the biggest cost impact, changes to your home may require additional expenses. Some installation considerations that may impact the price include any needed modifications to your electrical panel, relocating your water heater, and the contractor you hire.

Modifications to Your Electrical Panel

When switching to an electric water heater for the first time or upgrading to a higher-powered unit, you might need to install a dedicated circuit which can add several hundred dollars to the installation cost. This service requires a licensed electrician.

Relocating Your Water Heater

You may need to move your water heater to a location with more space. Or, maybe you want to capitalize on the compact design of a tankless water heater by putting it in a smaller space. Regardless, moving may require extra plumbing work to shift pipes and hot water access points.

The Contractor You Hire

When hiring a contractor to work on your home, you'll often find those who offer dirt-cheap services, but that won't guarantee the work. When you're investing in a new water heater for your Tucson home, you'll want to work with a plumber who:

  • Is licensed and insured in Arizona
  • Has a business history of at least 10 years
  • Offers upfront pricing
  • Has great reviews online
  • Backs their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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