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How Much Does a Water Heater Repair Cost in Tucson?

The cost to repair a water heater in Tucson can be anywhere from $89 to $460.

However, this is an approximate range because without having a plumber inspect your water heater, it’s hard to know what your exact repair will cost.

That said, the factors that impact your repair cost depend on:

  • The age of your water heater
  • The type of repair you need
  • The validity of your parts warranty
  • The plumber you hire

We’ll discuss each of the above factors in detail and explain how they can affect your water heater repair cost.


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Cost Factor #1: Age of your water heater

On average, tankless water heaters can live up to 20 years and tank water heaters live 10-15 years, according to Energy.gov. The closer your water heater is to the end of its lifespan, the more expensive it will be to repair it.

Why? Well, as your water heater ages, the higher the probability that multiple important or expensive parts must be replaced due to wear-and-tear. Whereas, a younger water heater may only need one part repaired instead of multiple parts replaced.

When multiple parts fail and need replacement, it may be worth replacing your entire water heater instead of sinking money into temporary repairs.

Cost Factor #2: Type of repair needed

The more complicated the repair is, the more your repair cost will be. You can think of water heater repairs similar to car repairs. Fixing your windshield would cost significantly less than fixing your car’s transmission. Along the same lines, fixing a water heater’s dip tube will cost less than repairing a broken heating element.

To get an idea of what your possible final repair cost might be, we have compiled the average prices for standard water heater repairs:

  • A broken dip tube: $150-$300+
  • A faulty pressure relief valve: $200+
  • A broken anode rod: $200-$300+
  • A broken or dirty thermocouple: $300+
  • A broken heating element: $200-$400+
  • A broken thermostat: $350-$600+
  • A leaking tank: $300-$4,500

Cost Factor #3: Validity of your parts warranty

A valid parts warranty can cover all or some of the cost of your water heater repair if the plumber can prove that the defect was due to a manufacturing mistake.

The parts warranty typically lasts 5-6 years from the date of installation. To check whether or not your parts warranty is still valid, you’ll need to go to the manufacturer’s website and search for your water heater’s model number.

If your parts warranty is not valid, it might be void because:

  • The water heater was not originally installed by a licensed plumber
  • The water heater has not been maintained annually by a licensed plumber
  • The water heater was never registered on the manufacturer’s website

Cost Factor #4: Plumber you hire

The higher the quality of a Tucson plumber, the more they will typically charge for their services.

While many homeowners go with lower-quality contractors to save money on water heater repairs, they may end up spending more money in the long run to redo a shoddy repair.

To look for a high-quality contractor, we recommend looking for one that has:

  • Been in business for 10+ years
  • An Arizona license displayed on their website
  • An upfront pricing model
  • Great reviews on sites like Google and Facebook

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