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How Much Does a Drain Cleaning Cost in Tucson?

On average, the cost to clean a drain in Tucson runs between $150 and $240.

Your drain cleaning cost will depend on the following factors:

  • The location of the clog (mainline vs secondary)
  • The severity of the clog
  • Any additional issues found by the plumber
  • The contractor you hire

To get an exact price for your drain cleaning, you’ll need to speak with a plumber, but we can give you a general estimate of how much it will cost by breaking down the above factors.

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Cost Factor #1: Location of the clog

drain mainline and secondary line

Mainline and secondary line

When you have a clogged drain, the clog could be in either the mainline or a secondary line. Typically, you will have to pay more to unclog your mainline than a secondary line. This is because the mainline requires specialized equipment to unclog.

How do you know whether your clog is in your mainline or in a secondary line? Well, a mainline clog will affect multiple fixtures because all secondary lines feed into it. For example, a mainline clog could back sewage up into your shower whenever you turn on your bathroom sink.

A secondary line clog only affects the clogged fixture. So, if you only notice a clog at one fixture, like your sink or bathtub, you probably have a secondary line clog.

Cost Factor #2: Severity of the clog

The more severe your clog is, the more expensive it will be to clean out because the plumber will probably have to use specialized tools (and more time) to unclog the line.

For a minor clog, a plumber can usually use less expensive, common tools—like an auger—to break down the clog. Augers are basic, manual tools meant for cleaning secondary drain lines or motorized, serpentine tools used for mainline clogs.

Augers are best for clogs caused by:

  • Hair
  • Food
  • Toilet paper
  • Hygiene products
  • Yardwork debris
  • Small tree roots
Using an auger to remove tree roots

Using an auger to remove tree roots

If a clog is large or hard to clear out without damaging the drain, the plumber will likely use more powerful equipment (e.g. a water jetter) to clear the clog. Powerful equipment is usually more expensive, which is why you’ll see the cost of your drain cleaning increase depending on how severe the clog is.

Cost Factor #3: Discovered problems

Sometimes, during a drain cleaning, a plumber may discover a bigger issue that will lead to a more expensive repair, such as a pipe that’s rusted and needs to be replaced.

Another common problem is water damage. If a clog is severe enough, pressure can build up over time in your pipes and cause a leak. Leaks that have damaged your drywall or other parts of your home will add more to your overall cost.

Cost Factor #4: Contractor you hire

Plumbers who provide high-quality work or are more experienced will typically be more expensive than contractors with a lower labor rate.

But, when you need your drain cleaned, it’s important to find a plumber who will do the job correctly. An inexperienced plumber may cut corners, which could cause damage to your plumbing system or leave your drain partially clogged still.

When looking for a high-quality plumber, you want to look for one that has:

  • An Arizona license displayed on their website
  • 10+ years of experience in the Tucson area
  • Great reviews on Google and Facebook
  • An upfront, written estimate model so you’re never surprised by the final bill

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